About Inteblue

We believe in uniqueness. We are always with our customers about what they wish. We are fashion-oriented and looking to exceed ourselves.

About Our Online Store

Inteblue apparel, created by our in-house design team, peeks between the lines to bring you the latest in clothing. When it comes to our curation of brands at Inteblue, we select the best of those to give you huge variety, amazing exclusives and coolest collaborations.

Driven by a desire to create and develop designs delivered from sketch to our online store seamlessly. From concept to delivery, our garments are crafted with consideration for the environment, our customer and the craftspeople skilfully turning our designs into reality. We strive to make shopping easy, understanding our customer’s lifestyle and values is personal to us.

We are more than just a brand, we are a family.

Inteblue is currently sold in the UK as well as across Europe, Canada and the USA.

We are always with our customer about what they wish. We are fashion oriented and looking to exceed ourselves.

We are always sensitive to protect our customer data in significant way. inteblue ensures one of the best service to its customer within quickest time as it works with customer feedback.

We are really simple in our own way and want to make life easy. We never compromise with quality. Customer feedback is our one of the top most priority for improvement.

We collect information directly from you when you register for an account; besides these we also use cookies to collect information from your devices when you interact with our advertising or use our website (you can see it in our cookies policy). We maintain data when you communicate to our customer service teams and we take personal information from a number of third parties to help us manage your account and improve your shopping experience.

Personal data of yours have been protected seriously by us and we process customer’s personal data very carefully maintaining law and regulations.

We collect and use personal data of you for the following purposes to:

  • To pursue the order
  • To complete the order delivery on behalf of you ( gift voucher)
  • To provide you the best shopping experience
  • To keep you updated about latest products and offers.
  • To communicate with you regarding improvement of our services.

All of us know that giving is better than to receive; so we have started inteblue charity program to raise fund for the causes closest to our heart. It’s done by different ways.

But we always want to do more and more. We’re working really closely with different Trusty Organization working for disabled and poor persons as well as more local initiatives to make a real difference to the lives of people around us and across the world.

Our birth

First Web site launching

First Printed advertisement

First TV advertisement

Our international launching

Our mobile apps came

Our store house starts

You can create your perfect online cart, ready for you to get for which are you fancy! Simply pick and choose your desired items and styles and we’ll show you the top picks and upcoming products every day.


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